A Free 10 Minute Mindfulness of Breath Meditation by Ray Good

In this mindfulness meditation we are going to use the breath as the focus of our attention, Its very powerful for grounding us into our body & settling the mind when we tune in to it. During this meditation when our mind wanders and we get caught up in thinking, we simply take notice of where it has gone, and without judgement we gently bring our attention back to the breath and just start again and again and again.

Brain scans show that this practice strengthens specific brain areas to build focus, attention and self-awareness, helping us to stay in the present moment. When practiced over time we are less stressed and reactive, less easily distracted and far more productive.

Also the breath is the perfect portable meditation device we can take it with us everywhere we go, as long as your breathing.

I would love to hear how you go, so please leave a comment.

Ray :)