Ray Good

mindfulness facilitator & meditation teacher.


Where did The
Good Place start?

Cue the harps.
We’re winding the clock back. 

The year was 1993. The Prodigy just went platinum, crop tops were cool (for some mysterious reason), and Ray Good was living the good life. Well, sort of.

In the early 90s, Ray ( aka Sugarray ) was one of the world’s Top 100 DJs, spinning the decks at sold-out raves in London, Tokyo and Berlin, organising large-scale music events for up to 15,000 people. He owned one of Australia’s most respected import record stores, even started his own record label. Not bad for a 25 year-old. 

Things were good, but they weren’t always easy. 

See life, as one of the world’s top DJs doesn’t leave much time for inner tranquility, vegetables, or getting to bed at a reasonable hour. Ray was burning out. So were most of his mates. Eventually someone said, “You should try meditation. Here, borrow my Enya CD…”. That was 25 years ago, and Ray has been meditating every day since. 

That daily practice gave Ray something you don’t get from money and success: balance, focus, a chance to reboot. 

He turned that clarity into Hooked – a sustainable seafood restaurant empire. Ray built the business from scratch over 10 years, scaling the operation, opening new stores.

When the time was right, Ray sold Hooked to focus on his real passion: Meditation. His quiet, daily ritual, which, in the business world, is as close as you can get to ‘Secret Sauce’. 

These days he works as a full-time meditation and mindfulness coach – helping creatives, high-flyers and entrepreneurs find their Good Place. 

Think about it. The best guy to teach silence is the one who understands noise. 

Ray’s style mixes modern science and eastern philosophy. It’s evidence-based mindfulness and resilience training, backed with 26 years’ experience and the latest scientific research. Anything to help his clients feel better and think better. (Except healing crystals. They don’t really do anything.)

You want to see some credentials? Ray’s an accredited meditation teacher and mindfulness coach. He did his Mindfulness facilitation training under Dr. Craig Hassed at Monash University and completed teacher training with Melbourne Meditation Centre. He’s also a fully-paid member of Meditation Australia…and pretty handy with a turntable. 


That’s Ray Good.
Welcome to The Good Place.