Take a glance
around your office

How does everyone look? How’s their posture? Are they happy? How many coffees are they slamming just to get through the day?

Every leader wants to get the most out of their team. But long hours, constant stress, information overload, high attrition and, yep, even depression – none of that is good for business. Or for people. Welcome to the costs of living unmindfully.


How we can help

The Good Place runs secular mindfulness and mediation workshops for tired bosses and coffee-addled employees. And the benefits can equal big bucks. 

  • Improve team productivity and performance
  • Reduce attrition rates, sick leave and absenteeism
  • Make your team happier (sounds simple when you say it like that)
  • Lower stress and increase team resilience
  • Help your team manage technology and information overload
  • Attract top talent through good workplace culture


What it’s costing you

 The math behind this stuff is pretty well documented. Dozens of studies have proved the cost of not having a workplace wellness program outweighs the cost of implementing one. 

Think about it. How much does staff turnover, absenteeism and low productivity cost your business? A 2015 Australian Industry Group survey  reckons it's about $578 per employee per absent day. That’s around $44 billion to the Australian economy every year.


Good for staff
better for business

You might have guessed already, but more coffee isn’t the answer (unless the question is: how to give your team an ulcer). Studies have shown a little mindfulness meditation each day can decrease absenteeism. 


Build relationships

People who meditate find it easier to communicate with others. They’re better leaders, they’ve got more self-awareness, and they’re less likely to send passive aggressive emails (“Regards, David”). Mindfulness boosts Emotional Intelligence (what they call ‘EQ’), a mix of empathy and understanding that’s crucial for client-facing gigs. 


Work smarter  

Study after study  says the same thing: mindfulness is one of the best things you can do to boost productivity. And we don’t mean finally clocking Spider Solitaire. Focus, creativity, memory, speed, problem-solving and decision making – just a few minutes of meditation each day can improve them all.  U.S insurance giant Aetna reported a 62-minute per week increase in productivity per staff member as a result of implementing a mindfulness training program. That equates to a saving of $3000 per employee each year, not a bad return on investment. 


 Kick-start innovation 

Innovation. Everyone wants it, but no-one’s quite sure how to get it (or, if they’re being honest, exactly what it means). In a 2011 leader survey , 93% of CEOs said staff mindfulness training created a work culture that fostered innovation. That means challenging the status quo. Doing things a little differently. Blazing your own trail. 


Build better leaders 

A good leader sees their staff’s wellbeing as an asset. Something as important to company growth as revenue, international expansion and the office ping pong table. In the old days, leadership was all about power and control. Now people are starting to understand: you get better results with self-awareness and compassion. It’s just good business. Studies have found that workers of leaders who practice mindfulness are not only happier in their jobs, but have higher performance ratings. 


Reduce team conflict

It’s naïve to think you can hire dozens of smart, confident, ambitious people and have them get along 100% of the time. Conflict is a part of life. It’s a big part of work life (especially when the deadlines are looming). Studies have shown that ‘team mindfulness’ can help reduce team conflict, and in some cases stamp it out altogether. 


Turn down the stress

Everyone’s stressed. It doesn’t matter if you’re a full-time ‘Puppy Cuddler’, long hours, tight deadlines, high pressure – those are the things that build up over time. The good news? Meditation excels at treating stress.  It’s like a pressure valve for all that toxic workplace tension. Imagine how productive your staff could be with a clear and worry-free mind. 




Feel good, do good

We’re huge supporters of Headspace National Youth Mental Health Foundation, which is why we donate money from our workplace wellbeing programs to help young Australians find their Good Place.